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inadya sa Halaran is a merging of the Roxas City Fiesta "Sinadya" and the Province celebration of "Halaran". "Sinadya sa Halaran" is a commemoration of the feast of the patroness of Roxas City which is the Immaculate Concepcion and a thanksgiving. It literally means "Joy in Sharing and Thanksgiving" . Rituals and festivities of every municipalities where captivated in this occasion. Fireworks, grand parade, fluvial processions, fair and food festival, street dancing, and exhibits are some of the things to see of this event.


Pangahaw Festival

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January 19-20

Jamindan, Capiz

A thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest by the Indigenous Peoples of Jamindan. It is during this time when all the members of the family come together and share.

Mayor Ethel R. Jinon
Municiplaity of Jamindan, Capiz
Tel. No. (036) 6470-264; 6470-328

Hil-o - Hil-o Festival

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Last Saturday of February

Maayon, Capiz

Connotes reciprocity that demonstrates mutual interdependence among our people, expresses itself in many forms and in many ways.

Mayor Wilfredo E. Borres, Sr., Municipality of Maayon, Capiz
Tel. no. (036) 526-2009

Ilig Festival

April 28 - May 5

Dumalag, Capiz

The Palirong is unique and vital to Dumalagnon farmers. It protects them from the sun and the rain. This is usually made of wooden poles, bamboo, rope; for its roof, itis made of “patadyong” (locally woven cloth) “Katsa”, Palm or banana leaves.
As time went by, a tricycle driver came up with the idea of installing a palirong onto his tricycle. This modern palirong is made of bamboo as its frame and its roof is made of plastic or sack.

Mayor Lilia H. Castro
Municipality of Dumalag, Capiz
Tel. No.: (036) 536-2064

Sinaot Festival

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April 28 - May 3

President Roxas, Capiz

It is a street dancing contest among groups dancing to the tune of the Latin beat garbed in colourful Caribbean costume. This annual festival is the center piece of the town’s municipal and religious fiesta .


Mayor Raymund S. Locsin
Municiplaity of Pres. Roxas, Capiz
Tel. No. (036) 537-3060

Lingga-anay Festival

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May 1-4

Panay, Capiz

A vivid and accurate interpretation of the Panayanons deep love for our birthplace and strong sense of responsibility towards our fellow Panayanons. It was inspired by the “Dakung Lingganay” or the big bell in which the town is well-known for.

Mayor Dante B. Bermejo
Municipality of Panay, Capiz
Tel. No.
(036) 621-2022;

Guyum-Guyuman Festival

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May 9-15

Pontevedra, Capiz

Taken from the town’s old name: “Caguyuman,” meaning anthill. People from nearby municipalities of Pan-ay, Panitan, Maayon and Pres. Roxas would thrive in the market place like swarms of ants for trading. This rich tradition is now a celebration of life and thanksgiving for all “Caguyumanons.”

Mayor Esteban Jose Contreras, M.D.
Municipality of Pontevedra, Capiz
Tel. No.
(036) 634-0132
Fax No.
(036) 634-0599

Tagbuan Festival

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 May 29

Pilar, Capiz

Conceptualized during pre-spanish time where the Aetas brought their harvest nto town for barter of the abundant catch of the fishermen. The upland people met with the fishermen on the seashore. The Hiligaynon term for the meeting of the upland people and the fishermen is “Tagbu.”

Mayor Ma. Rita Lyn B. Patricio
Municipality of Pilar, Capiz
Telfax. No. (036) 528-4024

Agdahanay Festival

June 12-13

Cuartero, Capiz

The Agdahanay Festival culminates on the 13th of June in honor of the town’s patron saint, San Antonio de Padua. This was conceptualized to give due recognition to the Cuarteronhon’s hospitality. “Agdahanay” means inviting and accommodating others. One whole week of fun, revelry, cultural activities and frenzied street dancing are enjoyed by the Cuarteronhons.

Mayor Roger F. Flores
Municipality of Cuartero, Capiz
Tel. no. (036) 535-1002

Tilibyugay sa Talahong Festival

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July 22-26

Sapian, Capiz

A 5-day event showcasing different activities like street dancing competition. The concept is based on the rituals on how to express gratitude for a bountiful harvest or a good catch which features fishing and related activities. Seafood Cooking contest; Miss tilibyugan sa talahong pageant; aqua trade fares; festival parade; barangay night; youth night; sports activities; parlor games cultural presentation and novelty shows are also culminated.


Mayor Arturo A. Orosco, Sr., Ph.D.
Municipality of Sapian, Capiz
Telfax. No. (036) 647-0504

Hi-o-hanay Festival

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June 22–24

Sigma, Capiz

A manifestation of culture inherent to Sigma as a cultural expression of symbiosis. It is the way showing this rich cultural tradition to the younger generation in order to let the Hil-o hanay spirit continue with passion. It gives honor to the noblest and highest virtue of “community-ness” of its people, their innate and common traits that keep the balance of their relationship with one another, their environment and their God, the crowning glory that fires their initiative to constant becoming -  their search for culture of excellence.

Mayor Maria T. Andaya
Municipality of Sigma, Capiz
Tel. No. (036) 6470-444/ 6470-231

Padagyaw Festival

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August 1-5

Dumarao, Capiz

It mirrors the spirit of unity and cooperation of its people. One of the few is the street dancing and pista ng bayan. These are the concrete example of group effort. From one fermented idea of planners, action men, and executions, they have translated their ideas and concepts into mass action of well rehearsed and well executed play, dancers, and graceful rendition of songs and dances. A delight to the eyes of the heart.

Mayor Leslie Warren A. Benjamin
Municipality of Dumarao, Capiz
Tel. No. (036) 537-0049
Fax No. (036) 537-3005

Pagpasidungog Festival

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Aug. 9-10

Panit-an, Capiz

Meaning to honor. The Panitan Municipal Government gives honor and recognition to every Paniteño who has given something for the social, cultural, educational and economic development of this town. Pagpasidungog honors those whose success in life gives inspiration to the young generation.

Mayor Katherine D. Belo
Municipality of Panit-an, Capiz
Tel. no. (036) 634-0665
Fax No. (036) 634-0235

Buyloganay Festival

Sept. 6-10

Ivisan, Capiz

Buyloganay” is a word typical of an Ivisan culture characterized by the gesture of unity and cooperation. It is celebrated every September 10 in honor of its patron saint, St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

Mayor Felipe Neri N. Yap
Municipality of Ivisan, Capiz
Tel. no. (036) 529-0088

Patabang Festival

Sept. 21–30

Tapaz, Capiz

In time, participating groups joined in the celebration resulting into a contest complete with costumes and musical instruments particularly drums. “Sirinadya sa Tapaz” became a yearly celebration centered on the “Bayanihan Spirit” Called “Patabang” (cooperation).
As the celebration prospered, schools began to participate, adding colour and excitement to the event.

Mayor Rosemarie F. Gardose
Municipality of Tapaz, Capiz
Tel. no. (036) 538-2011

Pasalamat Festival

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Sept. 21–22

Dao, Capiz

In honor of the town’s patron saint, Sto. Tomas de Villanueva, “Pasalamat” is the annual theme of the towns fiesta celebration. The occasion is an auspicious opportunity to highlight the town’s rich culture and heritage, strengthen Daohanons Solidarity as a community ans as well as thanksgiving to God Almighty for the good health abs prosperity received through His blessings

Mayor Joselito Y. Escutin
Municipality of Dao, Capiz
Tel. no. (036) 534-1009

Inilusan Festival

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November 19-25

Mambusao, Capiz

First celebrated in 1975, the Mambusao annual Cultural-relegious festivity. This is a colorful pageant celebrated by way of recollecting the stories of Mambusao and depicting the historical and cultural growth of the town. Celebrated in honor of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, the term inilusan means the mutual and reciprocal giving and sharing of food and resources in generous measures and in the spirit of fraternal goodwill that permeates the daily life of Mambusaonons.

Mayor Jose O. Alba, Jr.
Municipality of Mambusao, Capiz
Tel. no. (036) 6470-160

Sinadya sa Halaran

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December 1-8

Roxas City/ Province of Capiz

SINADYA SA HALARAN (loosely translated as “joyful in offering/sharing”) FESTIVAL is a jovial celebration of thanksgiving and sharing of these blessings that took forms in programs and activities that depicts oneness of Capiznon with his Divine Source of blessings, with the blessings themselves, and with the whole humankind.
Capiz’ abundance in natural resources and cultural heritage makes Capiznon naturally generous and thankful. Human existence, for a Capiznon, is seen as oneness with nature, fellowmen, and the Divine Provider.

Mr. Bryan Argos Roxas City, Capiz
Tel. No. (036) 6210-500 local 217

Mr. Alphonsus D. Tesoro
Provincial Tourism Officer
Province of Capiz
Tel No.; (036) 6210-042 local 221; Telefax No. (036) 621-2935


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